Augnes & Teresa

Augnes Joy & Teresa Joy are daughters of Actor, Writer, Director and motivational speaker, Joy K Mathew and Nurse, Jaquiline Joy. Augnes Joy is studying Bachelor of Information Technology (Computer Science) at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and Teresa is studying Bachelor of Criminology & Psychology at Griffith University.

Augnes and Teresa Peace Foundation, Australia (ATPF)
One Earth, One Humanity, One Future

ATPF Vision

• For a peaceful, safe and sustainable world where the empowerment of women and children are crucial to advancing and strengthening the social protection system.

• Every child has the right to live free from violence, exploitation and abuse. ATPF aims to take necessary action to liberate children and adolescents from different walks of life around the world who are subjected to various forms of exploitation and violence.

• Promoting, protecting and caring for the mental health of young people - by raising awareness and carrying out training and related activities with the hope of bringing people suffering from mental health problems back into the mainstream of life.

• Climate change and cybersecurity are seen as the two most urgent problems facing our planet now and in the near future - ATPF has been working to raise awareness about cybercrime and to combat climate change.

ATPF Mission

To foster world peace; to inspire lifelong learning and create a strong community of women and children to face world’s pressing challenges in a positive way.

ATPF Activities

• Initiated the “Salute the Nations” international event:
• Inspired by the activities of the United Nations for World Peace, sisters Augnes Joy & Teresa Joy have been researching the national anthem of all the countries, for the last 9 years. They, thus initiated the international event "Salute the Nations"on September 21, 2021, United Nations International Day of Peace, at St John's Cathedral in Brisbane city singing all the countries national anthem by heart continuously for 6 hours from 9.30 am. The event was conducted on International Day of Peace, to spread the message of love and a real sense of humanity across borders. The United Nations Association Australia and Augnes and Teresa Peace Foundation conducted the event. They sang all the countries' official national anthems in the presence of the judging committee including the United Nations Association Australia Queensland Division representatives, prominent figures in different fields,different world records team and print, visual & social media. Thus, for the first time in the world, a new world record was set.The United Nations Association Australia Queensland Division has recorded this new world record.

• With the support of the United Nations and other organisations, these young multitalented sisters intend to conduct the international event "Salute the Nations" in different countries. Funds raised through these events will be divided amongst charitable activities run by the UN that aid the empowerment of women and children, as well as improve global peacemaking programs that will help free children and teens from exploitation. They will also be disbursed to individuals and organisations who run charitable activities. The funds will be collected as per the Australian Laws and the existing laws in the area where the program will be held and raise funds through legally permitted means.
• ATPF’s research on United Nations Sustainable Development goals (SDGs)
The UN Sustainable Development Goals include 17 objectives which are fundamental problems facing the nations of the world in the future.The research on different activities conducted by Augnes and Teresa, founders and directors of Augnes & Teresa Peace Foundation, is aimed primarily at making the SDGs of the UN beneficial to all sections of society. They firmly believe that today’s development must be able to meet tomorrow’s needs as well. ATPF Australia's research on the world's first and most diverse issues for the UN Sustainable Development Goal will be completed by the end of 2023. Augnes and Teresa stated that the goal is for ATPF to announce what can be done effectively to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and implement them by 2024.
• ATPF International Award
The ATPF International Award is given to schools, colleges, universities and various organisations in 193 countries for their outstanding work in achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The award recognises individuals, organisations and groups around the world who work for the upliftment of the weaker sections of society through selfless services in the areas of philanthropy, social, educational, culinary activities along with effective use of social media for a greater outreach.
• ATPF Personal Development Program
The aim of the project is to provide children with a sense of purpose in life and guidance in achieving it, as they face intense competition in all areas of life. Training will be provided on how to identify and nurture children's abilities, how to shape their character and how to create great ideas and goals. The activities will be aimed at bringing the underprivileged to the forefront, becoming better listeners of children, encouraging them to understand their desires and interests, training them and bringing them into the mainstream of life.